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Visitor Information

Whether you are a prospective student, a parent, a community member, academic colleague or public health professional, we welcome you to visit the Faculty of Medicine.

Our address is:

76 David Guramishvili Avenue 
Faculty of Medicine
European University
Postal Code 0141

To arrange a prospective undergraduate student visit, please contact Ms Tamar Chkoidze from the Dean’s Office at

To arrange a prospective graduate student visit, please contact the appropriate graduate program director.


Directions to the Faculty of Medicine

Driving Directions to the European University From Saburtalo District

  • Take a minibus 202 (bus stops at Heroes Square, Sports Palace, Saakadze Square)
  • ​Take a minibus 11  (bus stop at Saakadze Square, Kostava Street, Pekini Street)
  • Underground: take the Saburtalo Line transfer to Station Square till Grmagele or Guramishvili Stop

From Varketili District

  • Take Underground Station Varketili till Guramishvili Stop

From Gldani District

  • Take a minibus 128 (bus stops at Gldani micro-districts, Underground Akhmeteli).
  • ​Take a minibus 202 (bus stops at Gldani micro-districts, Underground Akhmeteli).
  • Take a bus  24, 33 or 51 (bus stops at Gldani micro-districts VIII,VI, II, Underground Akhmeteli).
  • Underground: take the Akhmeteli line till Guramishvili Stop

Underground Working Hours: 6.00-24.00  

Minibuses Working Hours:08.00-21.30

Buses Working Hours: 08.00-22.00

Travel tickets: you can buy a universal travel card Metroman for 2 GEL at the Underground stations. The card can be used on the buses, minibuses and underground. 

On the minibuses you can make travel payment in cash as well.

Visitor Parking 

There are some parking spaces nearly the university but not in front of the university building. Honorary guests can park in the inside Parking Lot of the university with a early notice to the administration.

For questions about building access and facilities usage, please contact:

Tamar Chkoidze

Administrative Coordinator

II Floor, Room 201 Main Building