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Medical Doctor, MD

The objective of the program is to prepare specialists in the field of health care for professional practice. Not just to provide theoretical knowledge to the graduates of the program, but also to develop clinical skills and form ethical values which are very important for this profession.


General Information

Language of Instruction: English
Type of the Educational Program : Academic
Status of the Programme - Accredited
Degree Qualification: Medical Doctor, MD
Duration: 12 semesters
Program Capacity: 360 credits


Contact Information

Ala Metreveli
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine
+(995 32) 2 000 171
II Floor, Room 201 Main Building
76 D.Guramishvili Avenue, 0141, Tbilisi, Georgia

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By the end of their studies students will have the following competencies:

  • Knowledge of basic physical, chemical, biological and physiological patterns, processes and  developments of a human body;
  • Knowledge of the structure of cells, tissues, organs and organ systems, topography and development in relation to their functions;
  • Knowledge of  The general regularities of the origins and developments of life, the laws of genetics and the viability of the organism;
  • Knowledge of Medicine and the main features of its forms, including classification, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics;
  • Diagnostics, patient treatment and prevention of diseases using practical problem-solving through professional algorithms, work regulations for therapeutic and diagnostic equipment;
  • Developing skills in medical documentation recording and professional communications, in order to communicate with patients and colleagues orally and in writing, including communicating in a foreign language.
The program aims to develop hygienic, healthy, and environmentally safe values in students, and promotes acknowledgement of the importance of a continuous medical education and professional development.


In order to graduate with a Medical Doctor degree, student must earn 360 credits comprised of CORE or General Education requirements, Medical Doctor major courses, and general electives. Medical Doctor programmatic requirements are outlined below:

Language component-10 credits

University compulsory courses-6 credits

University elective courses-8 credits

Speciality compulsory courses-296 credits:

  • Block of life sciences, medico-biological and fundamental disciplines (109 credits);
  • Block of medico-preventive disciplines (16 credits);
  • Block of clinical disciplines (171 credits), which also incorporates therapeutic and surgical  training courses.

Specialty elective courses-10 credits

Research component- 10 credits

Clinical practice component  20 credits

Note: it is recommended for the student to obtain on average 30 credits (30 credits = 750 hours) per semester, and 60 credits per year, however, considering the scale of the individual student workload, the amount of credits can be more or less than 60, but cannot exceed 75.

The following organizations are involved in the implementation of the clinical courses within the framework of the contract between the university and the medical institutions:

  1. LLC  Chichua Medical Centre  Mzera
  2. LLC Saint Michael Archangel Multi-Profile Clinical Hospital
  3. Al. Tsulukidze Urology Center
  4. LLC Tbilisi Mental Health Center
  5. LLC Mental Health and Drug Addiction Prevention Centre
  6. Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery
  7. LLC Clinical Pathology Research and Practice Center
  8. LLC  Clinical Medicine / Research Institute
  9. LLC Pediatric Private Clinic
  10. LLC  Tbilisi Central Hospital
  11. LLC Acad. O.Gudushauri National Medical Center     
  12. LLC  Georgian-American Family Medicine Clinic
  13. S.Virsaladze Research Institute of Medical Parasitology and Tropical Medicines
  14. LLC The National Center for Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases, Japaridze- Kevanishvili   Clinic
  15. Medical Diagnostic Center
  16. LLC Amtel Hospital
  17. LLC  Hepatology clinic Hepa
  18. LLC Amtel Hospital First Clinic
  19. LLC Deka
  20. LLC S/R National Center for Dermatology and Venereology
  21. LLC Globaltest
  22. LLC Denta+
  23. Balneological Resort Tbilisi SPA - National Scientific and Practical Center Of Health and   Medical Rehabilitation
  24. Dental Clinic International Dental Kay