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Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD)

General Information

Language of Instruction: English
Type of the Educational Program : Academic
Status of the Programme - Accredited
Degree Qualification: Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD)
Duration: 10 semesters
Program Capacity: 300 credits

Contact Information

Ala Metreveli
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine
+(995 32) 2 000 171
II Floor, Room 201 Main Building
76 D.Guramishvili Avenue, 0141, Tbilisi, Georgia

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By the end of their studies students will have the following competencies:

  • Gather anamnesis, examine patients, perform instrumental examination, analyze and interpret  supporting examination methods, analysis and synthesis of data, perform a differential diagnosis; determine the diagnosis, assess the psychological condition of the patient.
  • Examine the patient physically, collect the anamnesis during hard and soft tissue diseases of the oral cavity, determine the diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment methods and medical procedures based on analysis and synthesis of result of instrumental and laboratory examinations; Independently operating odontology and endodontic manipulations on the phantom: instrumentation  of dental hard and soft tissue, processing and filling, use of  operating techniques, adequate materials selection for filling and restoration, preparation of filling materials and usage.
  • Perform a orthopedic examination, determine the quality and type of injury, diagnosis, planning and development of relevant construction, casting models, settle of  apparatus; Preparation and select materials for prosthesis; Anthropometric measurements; Planning the complex orthodontic and surgical treatment in children; Selection of orthodontic apparatus; Structural adjustment; X-ray examination and analysis of the results.
  • Assess children's oral cavity, use preventive and hygienic materials on the phantoms; instruct  patients in relation to hygiene and preventive methods.
  • Use of principles and methods of general and local anesthesia; Manage of anesthesia complications; Technical demonstration of the operating methods on the phantom.
  • Use of orthodontic examination methods and determination of the type and degree of damage,   analysis of result of examinations, synthesis of data, select the  optimal methods of treatment, and to determine the type of installation for correcting the damage, define the orthodontic and surgical treatment method,  preventive measures and recommendations.

In order to graduate with a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD)degree,student must earn 300 credits comprised of CORE or General Education requirements, Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) major courses, and general electives. Medical Doctor programmatic requirements are outlined below:

Mandatory courses-294 credits
General courses-22 credits
Medico-Biological courses-81 credits
Clinical courses-81 credits-42 credits
Therapeutic dentistry-36 credits
Surgical dentistry-35 credits
Orthopedic dentistry-33 credits
Pediatric dentistry-45 credits

Note: it is recommended for the student to obtain on average 30 credits (30 credits = 750 hours) per semester, and 60 credits per year, however, considering the scale of the individual student workload, the amount of credits can be more or less than 60, but cannot exceed 75.

For implementation of  clinical courses according to the contract between the university and the medical institutions are involved following organizations:

  1. LLC   Amtel Hospital first clinical
  2. N2 Dental Polyclinic of Tsetskhladze
  3. LLC Dental Clinic Dental +
  4. LLC Dental Clinic  A-C-V
  5. LLC Eye Clinic Optimal
  6. LLC – Our family - Dental Clinic Kicha
  7. K. Eristavi National Centre of Experimental and Clinical Surgery
  8. LLC Health Centre
  9. LLC S/R National center of skin and venereal diseases
  10. 10.  Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Clinical Hospital
  11. 11.  Tbilisi N1 Hospital
  12. 12.  LLC Deka
  13. 13.  Dental Clinic VP Dental
  14. 14.  Institute of Pediatrics
  15. 15.  LLC Hepatology clinic Hepa
  16. Tbilisi balneology resort Tbilisi - SPA health and medical rehabilitation of the National Research Center for Development Foundation.